Introduction to Xeffect

Keeping better track of habits.

Achieving your goals is a result of consistent practice or making a habit out of practice. Making habits is hard, that is why we need assistance in this pursuit. It is in this regard I will like to introduce Xeffect to you. Keeping track is the key to making positive life changes, this forms the core idea of Xeffect.

Xeffect is a very simple table, that is marked everyday when you complete the task. For everyday we perform the task we fill a cell in the table. The target being to fill the whole table.

I was introduced to this method while browsing for some way to improve my productivity. Somewhere along the way I found the subreddit r/xeffect. I was always skeptical of things that claimed to solve problems, but the number of people who have subscribed to this ideology amounting to 39,000, convinced me to give it a shot. To be clear Xeffect is not a productivity hack, it is a simple productivity tracker. It works on the idea of positive reinforcement. It is not something that would make a difference in a day or two, you will be able to see its power over months and years.

I am just at the start of my personal journey with Xeffect, I had always wanted to start journaling, as a method to improve my mindfulness. I have tried to start it a few times over the last few years, but I have never gone further than few days. But with the help of Xeffect, I have been able to do it for two weeks. This might seem like a small step, but large steps are made of smaller ones. Meditation is another habit I want to build using Xeffect, even though I haven’t started I am looking forward to it as I believe I can practice it efficiently with Xeffect. This is what Xeffect means so far for me. I will update the details regarding my journey with in the near future.

Written on October 16, 2018