Motivation is destroying your life.

A take motivation

I am someone who is actively trying to change my life, from the lethargy my life has settled into. I have spent the last few years actively searching for ‘motivation’ to make that change, which could possibly make me move from a path of ordinariness to the life of my dreams.

I have binge-watched motivational videos on YouTube for hours together, I have read hundreds of quotes and articles, to which I and hundreds of others felt they could uniquely relate. All of these try to reaffirm the same idea, motivation is what separate you and top of the food chain, I would argue against this idea, as not only wrong but as also equally harmful. Motivation is pretty flimsy, it is not motivation that keeps billionaires working 80+ hours, it is discipline that is cultivated through a lifetime of practice.

Successful people don’t wake up one day and decide to be successful, most of the time, we only see the most minute and the most glamorous parts of their successes, ignoring the insane amount of shit they had to go through to get there. Motivational videos provide you with a high because you know your life is shit, but you want to believe there is hope. This hope is like a carrot in front of a donkey, it is making you believe you don’t have to work hard for your dreams, the right opportunity will come to you, and it will be the stick that leads you to out of your depressing existence. Stop going after these shitty highs, stop believing you are special. Work hard. Work hard for your dreams. This endeavour requires constant effort, every day, even when you feel like utter shit, even when you feel like your whole world is about to collapse. This is achieved through discipline. Chase discipline, not motivation.

Written on October 25, 2019