Why I am building a Malayalam social media.

Malayalam content has largely been restricted to websites like Facebook, Youtube and TikTok. These platforms have their own issues and I am trying to solve few of them with http://ezhuth.in.

  1. Facebook has a lot of Malayalam discussions and literature but they are lost past a few days, and it is very difficult to rediscover this content. Basically we are losing out on quality content once Facebook has decided it is not viable to show a post algorithmically.

  2. Niche content has largely been reduced to Youtube, there are some creators like @SharqSamsu who provide highly specialised info, but there is no platform like @reddit which provides better discourse on these topics.

  3. This might sound generic but we often hear about stories of kids chancing on content on the internet and developing a passion for a subject, what are the chances this can happen if you are not English speaking?
    We can learn from China on this, even though it is a population that is largely shielded from the rest of the world, their adoption of native langauge on the internet have allowed for proliferation of all kinds content to everyone.

  4. Localisation is the future. Being able to use our own language has allowed a lot of people to explode on the scene and make a living - ask tiktokers.

I think we need a new stage in this internet development and that will be localisation according to me.

Written on February 16, 2021