Getting a personal domain - pros and hows.

Based on this twitter thread I wrote.

  1. It is super cheap and costs less to nothing(<15 dollars). If you could sacrifice a fancy TLD(.com, .so, .dev), you could get domains for as cheap as 1$ at the right time.

  2. You can setup a personal blog/portfolio website with Github pages. Point your domain to it and you have a professional looking website that costs nothing..
  3. Zoho provide custom domain email service for free for upto 5 users for a domain. You could spun up an email like for free.
  4. Building a new project? Point a subdomain to it and create an email for it as well with the 5 free emails.
  5. For buying domains, having used Google Domains and Namecheap, I found Namecheap to be much cheaper but Google domains seemed cleaner. But Google domains integrations with Google workplace are neat, do check it out.
  6. You can also get a domain using Zoho, the pricing seemed pretty cheap. Buying the domain straight from Zoho reduces the setup involved for setting up your own custom domain email. I haven’t done used Zoho domains, so wouldn’t recommend it personally.
Written on February 27, 2021